Ratios and proportions

Ratios and proportions

Here’s a simple reason for an Indian/sub-continent brand to exist in the exercise space. Not just a brand that mindlessly imports equipment. But actually designs and make things that are meant for the audience they cater to. 

Dip bars in India are far too wide. Hack squats don’t allow people below five feet five inches in height to setup comfortably or go low enough on the squat. Leg presses need to stacked with mats under the back for enough depth. Benches are far too wide for narrower shoulders. The list goes on. 

There is a percentage of the population for whom standard equipment works just fine. 

But for a majority of the population, a few tweaks could make things much more comfortable! 

Here’s a small example. Standard dip stands start at 19-20 inches and taper out to 26 inches. 

19-20 inches of width is what the average Indian man needs. 

Most Indian women would do well with 16-17 inch wide dip bars. 

So that’s how we make them. Width starts at 15 inches and slides to 22 inches. 


Make in India does not have to be mimic in India.