Imagine a public official nudging people towards thinking about the distinction between dosas and idllis. Not just any official. But someone with the highest position. The position might not have the heft of other offices. But it can still pack a punch. 

Here’s the President of Singapore nudging people to moderate their calorie intake. Drawing awareness to the subtle differences between dosa and idlii. There’s also a little information about how lentils are different from grain. 

I get that most people don’t want lectures or subtle nudges on public holidays. They just want to indulge. But we have ample evidence that we are not waiting for public holidays to indulge anymore. So maybe treat our eating on holidays like any other day. Just a little impulse control and restraint? The food isn’t going anywhere. 


Public officials can communicate effectively, accurately and purposefully to actually improve our quality of life. We might never experience it where we live. But it is possible and quite heartening to watch. 

Thank you Mr President