Your tolerance for boredom during long walks, rest between sets and doing exercises you suck at. 

Your tolerance for challenges when you encounter constraints such as mobility or exercises you are just not good at. 

Your tolerance for pain when you’re sore, stiff, tired, under-rested, just finished a very hard bout of training or even a very challenging set of exercise. 

Your tolerance for being a relative outcast when you just want to crash when everyone else wants to head out for a late dinner. 

Your tolerance for not being as uninhibited when everyone is four drinks down and you’re sipping slowly on one. Or none at all. 

Your tolerance for a hard training session. The intensity will vary but challenge yourself you must. 

Your tolerance for hunger. You have to learn to grapple with eating less and ignoring counterproductive signals. 

Your tolerance for missing out on big meals. Thalis, buffets and festive meals become the occasional feasts they were meant to be and not the weekly treats they’ve become. 

Your tolerance for being labelled a killjoy when all you are doing is finding satisfaction in things others can’t see the value in. Not yet at least. 

Your tolerance to not scratch that immediate itch to find out what happens in the next episode to ensure you wake up fresh and rested to train and go about your daily life. 


Your tolerance for doing unfashionable things and not feeling like you’re missing out on doing the counterproductive things people routinely litter their lives with and vaguely label as lifestyle problems.

The importance of tolerance