movement inc

a group of people doing pull ups in a gym
Movement inc is a collective of:
1. Five coaches: Adarsh, Naithrav, Nitin, Sai and Vishy

2. A training space in Madras that offers strength and conditioning service for regular folks looking for a nuanced training experience with an emphasis on technique, consistency and having fun.

3. An online coaching service that offers live coaching sessions

Our take on a gym is a little different from the industry norm. Our space in Madras is filled with the best strength training equipment, but you are not paying us for using them. You are paying for our coaching, and we deliver it both online and at the gym.
Whatever your goal, we will be pragmatic in helping you frame them better and ensure you have the tools to get there. Our in-person, online, equipment design and nutrition coaching endeavours are built around a few core ideas.
Useful adaptations
The body has a very simple use it or lose it policy. If you don't ask muscles to regularly produce force or fight against gravity, they lose their ability to produce force to move joints. The brain loses its ability to ask the muscle to do things. And the bone that was dealing with all these demands starts to lose density and mass. Exercise is the primary tool to give your body the dose of activity it needs to ensure your joints and muscles can work as intended.
Commitment to our trade
* Talk to our clients in plain English about exercise and eating.
* We put in hours on the gym floor, day in day out, to teach clients to put training plans into action safely and effectively. Tweaking and adjusting things along the way. Adding new skills as required. We constantly hone our ability to give clients the best possible training experience.
* Walk the talk by training consistently and making an effort to eat and sleep like we ask our clients to.
* Pick the right exercise for you based on your strength level.
* Know how to teach an exercise well, when to make an exercise harder, and when NOT to use an exercise.
* Constantly improve our understanding of the how and why of what we do.
* Time is limited. We value it. We start and end on time.
* We pick exercises in dosages that make the most of your weekly training hours.
* Make sure clients have a good time and look forward to showing up for the sessions!