We coach online and in-person. Here's more about the coaches and the gym.

There are five coaches at movement inc: Adarsh, Naithrav, Nitin, Sai and Vishy.

Our coaches have a combined 35 years of coaching experience.

Unlike most gyms, when you sign up with us, you are paying for our coaching. The world-class gym is a bonus.

We have a physical gym in Thiruvanmiyur, Madras. This is an outdoor space right by the beach. We have filled 2600 square feet with the best strength and conditioning equipment in the world. Did we mention all of the equipment was designed in-house and manafactured by us right here in Madras.

We use our own designs tailored for the slighter Indian build. We use stainless steel that can resist the harshest climes and the outdoor setting. And the equipment is built to last.

We bring the same meticulous exercise selection and thoughtful communication to our online service.

Our online and in-person service is built around some core ideas:

  1. The service is for everyone. Be it someone who has never step foot in a gym through to professional dancers and athletes. We have the tools, experience and desire to help you get stronger and better at your craft.
  2. We value your time. You are giving us x hours of your time. We want to fill it with carefully selected exercises in the right dose to produce the most useful adaptations. Adaptations for quality of life is what we focus on.
  3. Exercise selection is where we excel. We understand every client comes in with different strength levels and constraints. We use our broad exercise toolkit to pick the right exercises for you to ensure you progress and get stronger.
  4. Communication is where the magic happens. We aim to be precise, playful and pragmatic. Even the best equipment is rendered useless if we don't understand how our client learns and implements what we are coaching them to do.
  5. Relationships not memberships. We are building a community not a company. Our coaching service thrives only when our clients have a good time and look forward to showing up. Progress goes hand in hand with play. And the coaches nudge to ensure this happens.