Train online

Train online

Our online service has one simple goal: make you strong in any setting you are comfortable with: home, gym or in a park. We bring strength training to a setting you are comfortable in.

The service is built for anyone interested in getting stronger. Using thoughtfully selected exercises and detailed coaching, we aim to produce outcomes that better the traditional gym experience.

We offer live coaching on Zoom for one hour three times a day Monday through Friday, and for two hours on Saturday. We charge Rs 4,400 for a month of training.

Our current timings are:

All weekdays and Saturday: 7 am- 7:50 am and 7:50- 8:30 am

All weekdays: 6:30pm-7:30pm

The virtual sessions are 50 minutes long. They are carefully planned with a coach guiding you through the hour of training.

How our virtual sessions work

1. A coach will run you through an assessment to understand your strength levels, injury history and your goals.

2. Once the coach has a handle on how you move and you are comfortable with how we work, we schedule one-on-one sessions.

3. The one-on-one sessions lets the coach run you through in great detail how to perform some basic exercises effectively. These sessions are scheduled outside of the virtual class timings.

4. On completion of the one-on-ones, you are ready to jump into the virtual hour. There is a weekly plan that incorporates movements you were taught in the one-on-ones.