Hunger is ridiculously complex

Hunger is ridiculously complex

But how successfully you grapple with hunger will determine how successful you are at sustaining any effort to reduce your calorie intake. 

The context here is most of us are eating too much. And we have no clue what the right amount of food to maintain status quo or achieve a more optimal body composition looks like. 

When you moderate your energy intake, your brain and body will protest. 

It’s not because you won’t provide your body with all the nutrients that you need. 

It won’t be because your body does not get enough energy. 

It will be because you changed your habit. You broke a pattern. 

And you need to get used to this. It will take a couple of weeks. 

It matters how effective you are at convincing yourself that to ignore the voices from your stomach and your head.


*You can’t always listen to your body. Sometimes your body is habituated to counterproductive behaviour. 
*Activity can help with managing huger. 
*You need to make an effort to pick foods that rank high on satiation and satiety to help with managing the feeling. 
*Foods that provide fewest calories per bite are your friend. 
*Most of humanity cannot judge if they are half full or ascribe any reasonable value to how full they are. Some sense of portion control is the only reliable guiding star.