What does it tell us about ourselves and our consumer culture when an influencer can surprise you by telling you that foods that you eat every single day such as sauce contains sugar or that there’s this much sodium in some dish. 

It tells us that we have zero structure in how we choose our food. 

We do not plan our daily eating with any view of long term consequences for our health or quality of life. 

It tells us that we are habituated to eating foods that are flavourful at the expense of health. 

It tells us that we have never thought about where our foods come from, how it is prepared or what it contains. 

It tells us that we flow with the tide of culture, convenience and cost. Health and quality of life be damned. 

We let perception and emotions trump actual facts when it comes to making choices as consumers. 

We fetishize marketing and foolish cultural claims at the expense of sensible food choices. 

And we have never been taught any of this.


We use lack of education as a shield for terrible lifestyle choices. But buyer beware is a much simpler principle. 

We are uncritical and child-like consumers who fall for silly things like packaging and simplistic marketing. We refuse to apply the due diligence we use to buying a house, investing our money, jewellery or clothes to something much more important and profound: our daily meals.

Look in the mirror