The problem with a permanent revolution is that it paralyses us from working on the hard incremental improvements that we need to make and we don't address the actual problems that we have because we are waiting for this Hail Mary pass of technology.

Maciej Cegłowski

This quote resonated with me. We are constantly looking out for the perfect diet, perfect training program, perfect night of sleep or perfect gym. There is no shortage of pithy things said and lists made about pursuing health and wellness goals.

The biohacking crowd does this with watches, rings, vests, sensors etc. The constant sense of this shiny new thing will give us some novel insight that will spark the hidden passion for making better food choices, train purposefully and consistently hit the bed on time with zero distractions.

I am yet to see any tech augment, replace or substitute the human desire to get things done selfishly.

Learning to say no, trying to enjoy doing boring yet useful things and walking away from food, booze and needless distractions are much more powerful weapons than any tech out there. They don’t cost a thing. And maybe that’s the problem.

Say no to things