Squatting and hip thrusts can very quickly become easy. And without enough load, more repetitions alone will not cut it to make people stronger.

Enter single leg squatting.

Here are some quick pointers before you watch the video:

1. To balance well, focus on one spot. And stare it down intensely.
2. Use as much or little assistance in the form of hands on a wall, window grill, towel or rings to help you squat effectively.
3. The battle for greater range or depth is won over months not weeks or days. Gradually increase your depth while making sure all your joints feel comfortable.
4. Imagine having to apply an even amount of pressure across your entire foot as you squat. Try and avoid letting your weight shift too much as you do the reps.
5. Entire foot planted on the surface. Your heel shouldn’t come off. And your weight shouldn’t shift suddenly or jarringly.
6. Hips are the boss of the knees. Your knees and hips need to move in sync. Imagine a race between your knees and hips. Both have to start, track each other and finish at the same time.

As always, if you experience any discomfort or pain while you try out these moves, please stop and consult a professional.

The skater and cook squats literally have you load your entire bodyweight on one leg. This can be hard. But an added advantage is your hip can rotate rather comfortably and naturally as descend and rise.

Single leg squatting