The soul of a gym

The soul of a gym

What do you remember about the gym you work out in ? 

The equipment? 

The coaches? 

The workouts? 

The amenities? 

The community? 

How you felt after working out? 


I really buy the idea that the gym or coaching is like a quirky bookstore. 

You walk in and it’s filled with books you have never heard of but you feel the itch to read. Not your generic airport bookstore populated with generic bestsellers about climate change or leadership. There are plenty of gyms that look like each other and you quickly forget the experience simply because they are all the same. 

But a bookstore with truly esoteric books like how Japanese dietary habits changed after world war 2. The owner read the book and has something truly insightful to say about it. And that piques you into wanting to buy the book and read it. 

A gym can have a soul. You have a terrific training session, you make friends, the coach is like a familiar bartender who knows when you’ve had too many. And it’s a place that feels distinct, quirky and like no other. And you learn something new most times you visit. There’s always something new on the menu. And you keep wanting to go back for more.