There are plenty of reasons to not train:

There are plenty of reasons to not train:

1. People are living longer than ever. They are not exactly training or being very active to achieve this outcome.
2. There are always demands on your time. Exercise doesn’t feel like the most pleasurable way to spend it. 
3. It is not the societal norm. Besant Nagar beach does not have the same vibe as a Bondi. Our open air gyms largely lie in disuse. And you get an unusual amount of scrutiny when you do workout in public. Especially women. 
4. Society gives women with muscles a harder time about how they look. This attitude needs to be disappear. A muscular, mobile body is a healthier, robust body. How is that not a good thing ?
5. There are more entertaining ways to spend your time. Exercise competes against a zillion, less demanding ways to spend your time and attention. 
6. Is there any payoff to being stronger? In a world where it costs next to nothing to have groceries home delivered, travel luggage dropped at your doorstep, elevators and lifts are ubiquitous, strength seems cheap and unnecessary. You can pay someone to do things that require strength for you. 
7. While a zillion studies, influencers, evangelists and coaches will tell you strength training can sharpen your mental faculties. The evidence for jacked people being the brightest isn’t overwhelming. So it’s hard to take this seriously. 


I have to explain to my child everyday why reading can be empowering. The benefits aren’t as obvious as they seem to me. But once you learn to read, it’s hard to go back to not reading. I am not talking Russian classics. Even Tinkle comics do the trick. 

I obviously believe there is value to strength and physical independence. It’s not just about longevity. Or avoiding disease.

There is something about strength beyond the insulin sensitivity, body composition and vanity that makes it worth your time. The way a good book or a movie can move you in ways that are hard to describe. Strength can give you moments of clarity, independence and joy. I am out of words to sell this feeling.