Losing fat is a laudable goal. But a big part of the problem is being under-muscled. And we need to ram home this message.

Too often the obesity problem is framed as bulging waistlines. The antidote is increased activity and reduced energy intake.

But this perspective sets people up to have an undiscerning view of activity and eating.

Deficits need to play along with sufficient healthy fat and adequate protein intake. Slashing your food intake alone is not enough.

The lack of discernment also means to the regular person there is no difference between running and strength training. No difference between a routine that leaves your heart rate amped up all the time and one with a systematic improvement in your strength. It’s all activity. And you need to do what you enjoy. This is akin to telling a child it’s ok if you don’t like numbers, learn to draw instead. An incomplete education is bad education.


Most of us are carrying too much body fat. But we are also carrying too little muscle, lax tendons and brittle bones.

The war against obesity is one that needs us to increase muscle mass and reduce fat mass. And that needs more than just activity and deficits. It needs ample nourishment and learning the skill of strength.

Overfed and under-muscled