Coaches can get away with a lot if a client buys into the process or better yet they personally like and trust you.

The coaching process will be riddled with bias be it setting goals, choice of training tools, exercise selection, programming, food and macro splits. Everything from foods that you’d like the clients to try down to tools that you’d like the clients to lift will bias to what has worked for you with your personal training and your clients.

There may be exercises, protocols, programming choices and tools you choose not to use simply because you have no clue it exists, do not understand it, do not believe in it or your bias lies elsewhere. And a client will still trust that you are doing the right thing for them.

Until someone else comes along and shows them something simpler, better and more effective. This might mean more straightforward tools, clearer communication, more stable joints, less pain, better movement and stronger numbers. Simply put clients will bias to a simpler path to become stronger and be able to stick with training and nutrition choices for greater lengths of time.

The onus is on the coach to expand their toolkit of movement, tools, food choices and most importantly communicate why certain training and nutrition choices might make more sense than something that is more tried and tested.

It helps to remember that clients trust you to do what is right for them. And not just do what you like for them.

With great power comes great responsibility