Results matter

Results matter

We loathe to advertise results. Don't get me wrong. Results matter A LOT. But here’s how we define what it is NOT: 
* Kgs/pounds lost
* Before and after photos
* Inches lost or gained
* Improved strength as measured by force output, jumping, PR’s etc.

All those metrics are measures of certain habits, processes, lifestyle changes that a client has managed to sustain. But here’s how I define success. Success, for me, is when a client understands that:

* Training needs to be sustained for years if not decades. Training will result in you packing on usable muscle across your entire body. It should yield strength that you can use and makes you robust. 

* You need to treat food like money. Monitor your intake, know how much you’re consuming, ensure you’re getting enough of the right foods: protein, vegetables, essential fatty acids. Have fun in moderation with as little to keep you satisfied.

* Sleep matters. You need to fight to get quality sleep. Set up the right environment. Create the right conditions. And ward off all the things vying for your attention at the cost of sleep. 

* Same goes for peace of mind. Some call it stress management, time management or work/life balance. I just call it peace of mind. The ability to not let the noise from life/work crowd your head and rob you of the time and energy for sleep, training and making better food choices.

*Fat loss and weight loss isn’t the same thing. We need you to pack on or maintain muscles as the inches come off and/or weight drops. Conversely, when you put on weight, muscle and bone are more desirable than fat. 

You will notice those four 'results' do not lend themselves to easy marketing, photos or pithy posts. There is no fear mongering about random foods, ingredients or chemicals. There is no magic gut bacteria to sell. No chocolate bars posing as protein. 

What I sell is the promise that we will be there every single day when you show up to train and ensure you are doing the most useful things. When someone tries selling you a too-good-to-be-true nutrition fix, we will be there by your side and call out the bullshit. As time goes by, you will be able to do that yourself too. 

PS: The DEXA scan below is from a client. The numbers are stunning. But the notes are what filled me with joy. This client GETS IT! The trajectory is what matters. He is looking at the right numbers. As he lost a dramatic amount of fat, he has managed to maintain muscle mass. He also get's that the road ahead never ends. But he's having fun (his words, not mine). I have seen him get stronger over the last year. He is plugging away at sleep quality. He is not working towards an ideal body. No gym PR’s. Just having a good time chipping away at things, day in day out.